To explore the flavors of the world with chicken schnitzel.

You know how you get back from a trip abroad and the first question is “how was the food”? It’s interesting! So we travel the world, capture the flavors of a country and pair it with a 7 Hens chicken schnitzel.

Chicken WHAT? 

S-C-H-N-I-T-Z-E-L! Just like they’ve been doing it in Europe for centuries…

We start with an all-natural, GA-Local, cage-free chicken breast from Mar-Jac poultry. Then we pound it with a big meat hammer, creating a soft, even, tender piece of meat.

7 Hens Chicken Schnitzel - step 1 - pounding

Following that, we bread it with our secret mix of bread crumbs and sesame

7 Hens Chicken Schnitzel - Step 2 - Breading

This will become a beautiful golden brown delicious crunchy exterior once we fry it. Lastly, we season the schnitzel

7 Hens Chicken Schnitzel - Step 3 - Seasoning

and cut it into perfect strips for your sandwich or salad.

7 Hens Chicken Schnitzel - Step 4 - Cutting

We believe in serving good food — fast; differently than fast-food. We enjoy offering you a good, wholesome food in a quick-serve environment where you don’t have to wait for service or feel stuffy. We urge you not to compromise on the quality of your food; at 7 Hens you can trust that your chicken came from a healthy source and you know you are getting high-quality lean protein and vegetables. We would even like to think that you get an added benefit from you meal; maybe you’ll learn something about another country’s food or habits, maybe you’ll be intrigued enough to Google some our fancy aiolis and try them at home (we’re here to help!). And above all, we want to give you a good satisfaction when you finish your meal, so you’re happy, full, and feel good about the choice you made to dine with us.

You should expect real cooking and bold flavors. We use only trans-free canola oil, the freshest produce and hand-made sauces we make in-house. No processed food here at 7 Hens chicken schnitzel. We are proud to cook your chicken to order, right in front of you, for a unique experience that’s unforgettable.