What is Seven Hens?

Seven Hens serves locally sourced, all natural chicken schnitzels. When we say schnitzel we mean that pound the chicken breast with a big hammer, and then cover it with bread crumbs and cook it. This process provides for a chicken breast that tender on the inside but crunchy on the inside (schnitzel). To create your sandwich, we follow recipes from 7 different countries from around the world. Each country has a signature flavor profile… We capture it and present it to you atop a wonderful delicious GA-local, all-natural chicken. Expect flavor! We love our sandwiches loaded, saucy, and mouth watering.

art2We use only trans-free canola oil, the freshest produce and hand-made sauces we make in-house.

We take pride in cooking your chicken to order, right in front
of you for a unique experience that’s unforgettable.

~Locally sourced chicken schnitzel with flavors from around the world ~

7 Facts about schnitzel

Here are 7 things about Seven Hens and schnitzel. A little history, fun facts and tidbits  you didn’t know you wanted to know:

  1. As legend has it, 7th century Byzantine Kaiser Basileios the first liked his meat covered with sheets of gold to display his wealth. Following him, the commoners tried to do the same. However, the practice was too expensive so they created an alternative by using “yellow gold” (bread crumbs).
  2. Schnitzel is enjoyed all over the world in different ways. Wikipedia lists 41 variations. We know over 200, but how about we start by offering you 7?
  3. We believe in honest food and use the finest ingredients including trans-fat free canola oil, making our all-natural schnitzel quite healthy.
  4. The owner hails from Israel where schnitzel is the most popular street food (followed by Falafel as a close second).
  5. The Austrians and Italians still quarrel over who came up with the modern-day version of schnitzel. Even though some historians think that the Romans were pounding, breading and frying their meat before the rest, it’s generally associated with Germany and Austria.
  6. Slang dictionaries give schnitzel a wide host of entertaining, somewhat x-rated, meaning… We’ll just say that in Germany you can use the word schnitzel in lieu of “Honey,” as in “I am crazy about you my little schnitzel” or “she is as cute as a schnitzel…”
  7. It tastes really good. Seriously.

What is Schnitzel?

Wikipedia defines Schnitzel as “is a boneless meat, thinned with a hammer (meat tenderizer), coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried.” Schnitzel has been adapted and adopted throughout the world’s many cultures.

A common type of schnitzel in Austria is made from veal, but the cooking technique can be applied to any boneless meat including chicken, which became popular due to its availability, appealing flavor, and healthy properties (low in cholesterol and fat).

What we love most about our schnitzel is how it’s “tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside,” with delicious, fully flavored sauces and toppings.


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