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New Winter Chicken Schnitzel Flavors at Seven Hens

New Winter Chicken Schnitzel Flavors at Seven Hens           1. Schnitzel with turkey and Swiss: This flavor is inspired by the famous “Cordon Bleu.” While I steered away from the traditional preparation of this famous dish, our version brings similar notes…

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Mexican street corn

Our Mexican street corn is available all throughout the summer. Grilled corn on the cobb with cilantro and shredded cheese! It’s a perfect side dish to a schnitzel sandwich. Try it today!

Spring Fling: Kaiser Schnitzel at Seven Hens

This spring inspired me to explore the roots of schnitzel in the old country – classic Europe. I turned to research Austria, with all its elegance and posh appeal. I found out plenty of nice colors and an overall vibe of classical ambiance that’s elitist.…

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Panko Crusted Avocado

Panko Crusted Avocado — the new side item at Seven Hens Just when you thought that avocado can’t get any better, we came up with this Florida-inspired favorite fun item. The idea actually came from Lauren, a shift leader and exemplary hen, who eats it…

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Argentinian Schnitzel — The New Seasonal

The new seasonal schnitzel at Seven Hens is the Argentinian schnitzel Argentina: The name alone bring up images of energetic soccer players and seductive tango dancers… No wonder the food represents! This month’s Argentinian schnitzel is inspired by the passion of the South-American country. This schnitzel comes with…

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Mexican Street Corn

  Mexican Street Corn!   If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time… Don’t say you didn’t know! Often times when you eat a schnitzel, you want a unique side dish, something truly special that truly scrumptious. After all, a great schnitzel deserves a great…

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Download our Schnitzel App

Download our schnitzel app! As a wise man once said: “The only thing better than a schnitzel is a free schnitzel.” Now, you can have it too, if you become a 7 Hens club member by downloading our schnitzel app. The app is simple to…

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New year brings a new sandwich! This time, our culinary journeys took us to a land of zesty and spicy flavors where pickling is a means of survival.The result is a sweet Kalbi BBQ sauce with crunchy, spicy kimchi cabbage overtop our signature chicken schnitzel.…

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