Spring Fling: Kaiser Schnitzel at Seven Hens

This spring inspired me to explore the roots of schnitzel in the old country – classic Europe. I turned to research Austria, with all its elegance and posh appeal. I found out plenty of nice colors and an overall vibe of classical ambiance that’s elitist.…

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Seven Hens Serves Halal Chicken in Atlanta

  Sign up below to get $5 discount coupon in your email For more information Contact Seven Hens Serves Halal Chicken in Atlanta Provides a Sophisticated Dining Option to Observing Muslims ATLANTA (updated February 24, 2015) – Seven Hens chicken schnitzel eatery is proud to serve Halal…

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Chicken Schnitzel Side Dishes

Schnitzel is wonderful by itself, but just like every king needs a queen — you want to have something by it’s side… So what are good Chicken Schnitzel Side Dishes There are a few options when coming to choose the right side dish for chicken schnitzel:…

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Jagerschnitzel and Spaetzle

This winter we are featuring a classic German comfort food: Jagerschnitzel and Spaetzle ! The Jagerschnitzel is a famous German recipe consisting mostly of mushrooms. There are many recipes for it, one of them can be found here. The Spaetzle that gets so many people excited…

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Seven Hens Sandy Springs Phone Number

Seven Hens Sandy Springs phone number is 404-228-5381  

Grand Opening Party of Seven Hens Sandy Springs

The grand opening party was a hit today, with over 100 people showing up for their schnitzel… We had media, local residents, city officials, and local business people — all coming to celebrate the achievement and the success of Seven Hens. Mr. Johnson ran the…

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Panko Crusted Avocado

Panko Crusted Avocado — the new side item at Seven Hens Just when you thought that avocado can’t get any better, we came up with this Florida-inspired favorite fun item. The idea actually came from Lauren, a shift leader and exemplary hen, who eats it…

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Seven Hens Sandy Springs Update 10/23/2014

Update about Seven Hens Sandy Springs There is a saying: “If they say a minute, it will take an hour; if they say an hour it will take a day; if they say a day it will take a week; if they say a week it…

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Seven Hens Sandy Springs Update

Seven Hens Sandy Springs Update: As of 09/10 we have the studs for the framing done… Which mean we passed plumbing ( the hardest part) and next week we’ll have walls up and erected.. and start to see a real shape of a restaurant. We…

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Buffalo Chicken Schnitzel

              Buffalo Chicken Schnitzel Although the Argentinian is still going strong with the Chimichuri and spiced provolone, we just had to make a special schnitzel to celebrate the beginning of the college football season! And true to that, this one is…

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