Seven Hens Sandy Springs Phone Number

Seven Hens Sandy Springs phone number is 404-228-5381  

Grand Opening Party of Seven Hens Sandy Springs

The grand opening party was a hit today, with over 100 people showing up for their schnitzel… We had media, local residents, city officials, and local business people — all coming to celebrate the achievement and the success of Seven Hens. Mr. Johnson ran the…

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Panko Crusted Avocado

Panko Crusted Avocado — the new side item at Seven Hens Just when you thought that avocado can’t get any better, we came up with this Florida-inspired favorite fun item. The idea actually came from Lauren, a shift leader and exemplary hen, who eats it…

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Seven Hens Sandy Springs Update 10/23/2014

Update about Seven Hens Sandy Springs There is a saying: “If they say a minute, it will take an hour; if they say an hour it will take a day; if they say a day it will take a week; if they say a week it…

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Seven Hens Sandy Springs Update

Seven Hens Sandy Springs Update: As of 09/10 we have the studs for the framing done… Which mean we passed plumbing ( the hardest part) and next week we’ll have walls up and erected.. and start to see a real shape of a restaurant. We…

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Buffalo Chicken Schnitzel

              Buffalo Chicken Schnitzel Although the Argentinian is still going strong with the Chimichuri and spiced provolone, we just had to make a special schnitzel to celebrate the beginning of the college football season! And true to that, this one is…

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Argentinian Schnitzel — The New Seasonal

The new seasonal schnitzel at Seven Hens is the Argentinian schnitzel Argentina: The name alone bring up images of energetic soccer players and seductive tango dancers… No wonder the food represents! This month’s Argentinian schnitzel is inspired by the passion of the South-American country. This schnitzel comes with…

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Seven Hens Credo

  Seven Hens Credo – Our 7 Promises to You Below is the Seven Hens credo — the 7 beliefs that define us 1. Food: Our chicken has no steroids and no antibiotics. It is GA-local and all natural with no preservatives or artificial flavoring.…

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Crunchy schnitzel – how to make your chicken crunchy and cripsy

How to make a crunchy schnitzel Making schnitzel is not complicated. We covered the basic recipes before and there are many articles that describe how to make it. In this post, I would like to focus on the three elements that determine how crunchy your…

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Wall Street Journal Article about Schnitzel

Is schnitzel the greatest thing ever? Some of us think it is! And when some of includes the Wall Street Journal than… it’s worth reading. Follow this for WSJ opinion on schnitzel. Join the movement — make people happier by showing them the wonders of…

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