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New Winter Chicken Schnitzel Flavors at Seven Hens

New Winter Chicken Schnitzel Flavors at Seven Hens           1. Schnitzel with turkey and Swiss: This flavor is inspired by the famous “Cordon Bleu.” While I steered away from the traditional preparation of this famous dish, our version brings similar notes…

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Seven Hens in Top Ten Restaurants by #Thrillist

I am so proud and humbled to have my place, Seven Hens, ranking among the top ten best restaurants in Atlanta. These kind words came unexpectedly, but I wasn’t surprised to hear them! We keep serving great food every day: fresh, delicious, healthful chicken sandwich…

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Trying out the new chicken schnitzel recipe

Yup, that’s me, the Schnitzelmaster of Atlanta, trying out for the first time in 2015, the new recipe for the Thanksgiving schnitzel. It has Cranberry chutney and stuffing. Sign up for our mailing list to get the recipe for the chutney… it’s sweet and delicious!

Schnitzel And Chicken Schnitzel – The Historical Roots and Source

What is schnitzel? Where does it come from? Schnitzel is a thin meat cutlet of pork, veal or chicken that is breaded and fried. It is very popular throughout all over the world, primarily in Europe and Eastern Europe. Most cultures have their own version…

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Who has the best fried chicken in atlanta

Who has the best fried chicken in Atlanta? I’m glad you asked this great question. Like all great questions, it deserves a great answer. So you turn to Google, of course. And you find a host of curated websites offering “lists” of places, such as…

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Chicken Schnitzel Vs. Fried Chicken — What’s the Difference?

The difference between chicken schnitzel and fried chicken This post answers the question: What’s the difference between chicken schnitzel to fried chicken? Well, much like every cognac is a brandy but not every brandy is a cognac, every chicken schnitzel is a fried chicken but…

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Mexican street corn

Our Mexican street corn is available all throughout the summer. Grilled corn on the cobb with cilantro and shredded cheese! It’s a perfect side dish to a schnitzel sandwich. Try it today!

Jamaican jerk chicken: chicken schnitzel with jerk pineapple and red bean spread

Jamaican jerk chicken — now available at Seven Hens…! — The Jamaican Schnitzel is back — You’re going to LOVE this one! The Jamaican is back for the summer… Featuring: Island-inspired mix of jerk seasoning fiery pineapple chutney creamy, flavorful red bean spread Check out…

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Seven Hens Commercial

So the guys from up north came for a visit and we ended up having too much fun improvising a commercial for Seven Hens. Check it out here: …”and now you know”

The Schnitzel Is Doing Good in India

As you well know, a big part of our philosophy is traveling and exploring. So this time we ended up in India — teaching English to 8 year old kids! They were excited to articulate the funny word and had fun with it– as you…

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